Battle World Airdrop

4 min readAug 25, 2023


Hey there, in the 18th airdrop, we’re gonna hand out some Battle World tokens to all you awesome folks backing us on Polygon. So, what’s the deal with this campaign, you ask? Well, we’re on a mission to clue in our supporters about all the cool stuff happening in the Polygon universe. And come on, you’re probably aware that we’re pretty fond of dropping different tokens every now and then, right? So, all you wonderful peeps backing us will get your hands on tokens from a bunch of projects living in the Polygon ecosystem. Just wanna give a shoutout — we seriously appreciate every bit of support you show us! 🚀🌌

To stay updated on other airdrops, please refer to the airdrop calendar on CoinMarketCap.

What did we Airdrop today?

So, check it out — Battle World, this awesome Gamefi battle royale Metaverse deal, is kicking it on the Polygon network. It’s like this rad mid-core game that’s gonna rock the world!

Here’s the scoop: Players get dropped into maps that are all decked out like famous places from around the globe. It’s a lootin’ and shootin’ showdown as you go head-to-head with others, all gunning to be the last one left standing.

First things first, you hit up the Zone selection screen. This is where you call the shots and pick where you wanna land. You got nine killer zones to choose from on the classic Battle World map, all laid out on the left side of the screen. The spots you start from in each zone are already set up. And once a crew of 16 players is all in and ready to rumble, the game fires up after a quick 5-second countdown.

Now, listen up — you gotta snag weapons scattered all over the map. Just roll up to ’em and you’re good to go.

Your player’s got 100 health and 100 shield points, making a grand total of 200 hitpoints. But when that number hits zero, say your goodbyes, ’cause your character’s outta there.

Keep an eye out for that tightening storm — you’ll get a heads-up about it. When it rolls in, you better haul it to the safe zone. These circular safe zones pop up randomly in different spots on the map, at regular intervals. If you don’t hustle over, you’ll be feelin’ the pain, ’cause that storm’s no joke — it’ll mess you up if you’re not careful.

How do you qualify for our airdrops?

No sweat, it’s a breeze — just back us up on the Polygon network by hooking up with our validator, Staking4All. All those airdrop goodies will show up on polygonscan and shoot right to the address you set when you linked up with us. These airdrops are rolling out from our very own Staking4All Polygon validator signer account (0xc6869257205e20c2a43cb31345db534aecb49f6e). That’s how we keep things legit and tell apart the real deal from all that spammy noise.

Future Airdrops?

We’re not claiming to have the lowdown on every single project in the Polygon crew, but here’s the deal — we’re gonna drop those tokens based on what our awesome supporters tell us and the research we cook up. Seriously though, we’re all ears for our squad, so hit us up and spill the beans on what tokens you’re itching to see in those airdrops. Your voice matters, y’know?

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