Klever Overview

  • A mobile wallet
  • An exchange
  • A hardware wallet
  • A non custodial wallet
  • A blockchain (which is the latest edition)

Klever Wallet

  • Store and manage your favorite cryptocurrencies.
  • Directly trade currencies within the app! Don’t require registration, KYC, or selfies. Get rewards for your friends’ Swap fees.
  • Has a built in browser, you’ll have access to all your favorite blockchain projects. Compatibility with Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Tron and Kusama blockchains and more
  • Earn money by staking your cryptos natively on the blockchain. Currently available for Kusama, Reef, Polygon and Tron.

Klever Exchange

Klever Hardware Wallet

Klever Blockchain

  • Consensus algorithm is based on the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism
  • 2,000 Transactions per second (TPS), and our modular structure will allow us to increase
  • Klever Blockchain will provide prebuilt and ready-to-use apps and functionalities that are native to the blockchain
  • Using Klever SDK (Software Development Kit) the developer will be able to build and broadcast transactions for multiple currencies and blockchains with ease without any previous knowledge of cryptography or blockchain

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