Moonriver Nomination Guide

With Moonriver now moving to phase 4 all the exciting stuff can start. This phase 4 means that balance transfers & EVM are now enabled, but also collator staking 🥩 AKA nominations. Also includes project deployments, token transfers and crowdloan reward 💰 distribution!

This guide is going to give you details on how to nominate on Moonriver.

So first thing is you must collect your MOVR token if you participated in crowdloans, if not you will have to get MOVR on the first exchange that will trade it. Here is a link to an excellent guide 📖 on how to claim your MOVR.

Here is a quick summary of steps

  • Install MetaMask and add a new network as shown in this guide
  • Claim your crowdloan rewards at this link
  • Note your total rewards are unlocked over time. The estimated pending rewards is what you can claim now, will release more MOVR over time. The claimed amount is what you have claimed already.

Here is the official guide 📖 on how to stake🥩 MOVR. Below is a summary of the steps

  • Go to this website , ensure you have MetaMask working as in previous step
  • Ensure you are on Moonriver network
  • Select your validator you wish to nominate. Staking4All validator is address 0x4B02b0812117E80ffBb31cB706E0528f53495EF0 and we would greatly appreciate your support
  • If you not sure which validator to select, please visit this site, has been created by community validator DVN (Diversified Validator Network)
  • Enter the amount of MOVR you want to stake or nominate with
  • Then click “Nominate” button

Once you click nominate the transaction will be submitted and you should see success transaction on the website but also from Metamask.

You can also view your nominations 🗳 after a successful transaction, then increase your bond or decrease your bond as needed.

That is it! You are done! Sit back and earn some MOVR 🤑


It is always good to nominate validators that help a project grow but also provide a good validator service and keep the network safe 🔐

But also poor performing validators can get slashed. So select wisely 🧐

Feel free to do your own checks on Staking4All, we are a professional validator service and are well known. Here is our details

🐤 Twitter

🌐 Website

✉️ Telegram @sheznez



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