Oath of Peak Airdrop

3 min readApr 11, 2023


Airdrop number 16 will feature Oath of Peak tokens being distributed to our supporters on the Polygon network. In our capacity as a validator on Polygon, we appreciate the support we receive and are pleased to offer airdropped tokens to our backers. Over the past few months, we have been distributing a variety of tokens and will continue to do so in the future, with the aim of introducing our supporters to various projects on the Polygon network. We will be distributing tokens from a range of projects within the Polygon ecosystem to our supporters. To stay updated on other airdrops, please refer to the airdrop calendar on CoinMarketCap.

What did we Airdrop today?

Oath of Peak is a fantasy Xianxia MMORPG set in an amazing oriental world. In this world, players navigate their way through the unknowns as skilled vagrants, wandering around and meeting new companions. Referencing the Chinese classic, Classic of Mountains and Seas, the game features an ancient world teeming with magnificent mountains and rivers, vast grasslands, and extravagant palaces. A fantasy encounter awaits you at every corner, and one might just be the highlight of your adventure! The thousands of monsters and pets play an important role in this world. You will be there with them right from the beginning: breeding, nurturing, grooming, and going on adventures together. And you will fight alongside them, frolic with them, and forge long-lasting relationships, even in the absence of a common language. Find more info here on DappRadar.

How do you qualify for our airdrops?

Supporting us on the Polygon network and receiving airdrops is an easy process. You can delegate to our validator Staking4All, and once you have done so, all airdrops will be visible on polygonscan and sent directly to the address linked to your delegation. Our Staking4All Polygon validator signer account (0xc6869257205e20c2a43cb31345db534aecb49f6e) will be the source of the airdrops, which helps to differentiate them from spam.

Future Airdrops?

We base our airdrops on a combination of feedback from our supporters and our own research within the Polygon ecosystem. We value the input of our community and encourage you to share your suggestions regarding which tokens we should airdrop. Your feedback helps us ensure that our airdrops are tailored to the interests of our supporters.

About Staking4All

Staking4All is a provider of non-custodial delegation services for Proof-of-Stake public blockchains. Our services allow cryptocurrency holders to engage in decentralized governance and earn interest on their cryptocurrencies. As an experienced staking service provider, we enable our community to earn rewards for participating in network security. Join us today and become a part of our community.

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