Polycat Finance Airdrop

3 min readDec 13, 2023


In our epic 20th airdrop, get ready for a wave of Polycat Finance tokens heading your way, courtesy of all you awesome individuals backing us on Polygon. Curious about the campaign? We’re on a mission to keep you plugged into the pulse of the Polygon universe, where surprises in the form of diverse tokens are practically our jam!

To all you rockstar supporters, brace yourselves for an incoming payload of tokens from the coolest projects thriving in the Polygon ecosystem. Big shoutout to each one of you — your unwavering support means the universe to us! 🚀🌌

For the lowdown on upcoming airdrop adventures, don’t forget to check out the airdrop calendar on CoinMarketCap. Stay cool and keep riding the crypto wave with us!

Today’s Airdrop…

In May 2021, Polycat Finance emerged as a trailblazer, marking its place as one of the inaugural yield farms on the Polygon network. Fueled by a passionate and knowledgeable team, Polycat Finance swiftly rose to prominence, earning trust as one of the most reliable platforms on Polygon. This recognition was solidified through multiple audits conducted by Paladin, Obelisk, CertiK, and Techrate.

At the core of Polycat’s offerings is a native Trading DEX/AMM, complemented by a diverse array of features. The platform boasts auto-compounding Vaults, numbering around 200, yield Farms, Tanks, and an IFO feature where budding projects can launch and gain exposure and yield from the Polycat Finance community.

Setting itself apart, Polycat Finance introduced an innovative burning mechanism with its “Burning Vault.” Here, deposit fees are staked, and 100% of the yields generated are used to buy back and burn native tokens, FISH and PAW. Further contributing to the burn, 5% of all other vaults’ earnings and a percentage of trading fees from the DEX are directed towards reducing the supply of FISH. The token reached its maximum supply cap of 3 million by the end of July 2021, followed by the initiation of PAW farming. Staking FISH not only earns dividends but also plays a crucial role in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where it is utilized for voting and governance by the community.

Polycat Finance remains dynamic, continuing native token and LP farming across various staking locations within the Polygon ecosystem. The platform actively invites new projects to launch their tokens on the native DEX, offering liquidity incentives and fostering partnerships with innovative projects. Dedicated to contributing to the entire Polygon ecosystem, Polycat Finance stands as a beacon of collaboration and community spirit.

How to qualify for our airdrops

Easy peasy — just ride the Polygon wave alongside our validator, Staking4All. Witness the airdrop treasures unfold on polygonscan, making a beeline straight to the address you hitched up with us. These airdrop wonders are cruising in from our exclusive Staking4All Polygon validator signer account (0xc6869257205e20c2a43cb31345db534aecb49f6e). That’s our secret sauce for keeping it real and distinguishing the genuine gem from the sea of spammy noise.

Future Airdrops?

We won’t pretend to have a crystal ball for every project in the Polygon squad, but here’s the real deal — we’re tossing out those tokens based on the vibes from our incredible supporters and the spicy research we whip up. No joke, we’re tuned in to our squad, so don’t be shy — drop us a line and spill the tea on the tokens that make your Airdrop wishlist. Your voice carries weight, you know?

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