Polygon Airdrops for our Staking4All Supporters

This is our 8th airdrop and we have decided to drop Karmaverse Zombie Serum tokens. It is an exciting NFT Zombie Apocalypse game.

We have seen some interesting airdrops happening in the crypto sphere, airdrops on other projects have become so popular that there is an airdrop calendar on CoinMarketCap.

As a validator on Polygon, we have taken the opportunity to airdrop tokens to our supporters on the Polygon network. We will airdrop different tokens for the next few months, the main objective is to make our supporters aware of projects on the Polygon network. We will airdrop different tokens from different projects in the Polygon ecosystem to our supporters.

So what projects?

To be honest, we do not know every project in the Polygon ecosystem and will airdrop based on feedback from our supporters and other research we will conduct. We are always keen to hear from our community, let us know what tokens you would like to be airdropped.

So what did we airdrop?

Karmaverse Zombie is the first game in the Karmaverse, it is a blockchain-based NFT social game that focuses on the struggle for survival and domination in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and mutants.

After the spread of a virus intended to nearly eradicate humanity, zombies and mutants have spread across the Earth. Surviving humans have trained themselves to become fighters, banding together for survival in shelters and working to gradually eliminate the zombie threat.

Each player will administrate one shelter, and each Fighter they control is represented by a unique NFT, which players can sell, trade, and use within the game. By assembling a powerful team of Fighters, players will be able to create the strongest Fight Club in the land to resist the zombie horde and work with or compete against other players.

So how do you qualify for our airdrop?

Pretty simple, support us on the Polygon network by delegating to Staking4All. Then airdrops will land directly in the address you used when delegating to us, all airdrops will be on the native Polygon chain and will be visible on polygonscan.

About Staking4All

Staking4All provides non-custodial delegation services to Proof-of-Stake public blockchains. We enable cryptocurrency holders to take part in decentralized governance while holding onto and earning interest from their cryptocurrencies.

We are an experienced staking service provider for blockchain projects. Join our community today and earn rewards for helping secure networks.

Visit our Website, Twitter or our Blog to learn more about Staking4all.



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