Staking4All Breaks is in the Top 100 Validators on Near Protocol

3 min readJan 23, 2024


In Top 100

Staking4All, a multi-chain validator hailing from the African continent, particularly South Africa, has achieved a noteworthy milestone by breaking into the top 100 validators on the NEAR Protocol. Remarkably, it currently stands as the sole representative from Africa within this esteemed group.

The achievement reflects Staking4All’s commitment to the NEAR Protocol and underscores the growing diversity of validators contributing to the network’s security and decentralization. As a validator originating from a region less commonly associated with blockchain infrastructure, Staking4All’s ascent highlights the global nature of the blockchain ecosystem and the increasing participation from diverse geographical regions.

In the context of network security, Staking4All is actively working towards increasing its stake within the NEAR Protocol. This strategic move aligns with the concept of the Nakamoto Coefficient, a vital metric for evaluating the resilience of a blockchain network. The Nakamoto Coefficient measures the number of validators that, if acting maliciously, could collude to compromise the network. A higher Nakamoto Coefficient indicates a more robust and secure network, as it becomes increasingly challenging for a coalition of validators to coordinate and harm the system.

Staking4All recognizes the importance of enhancing the Nakamoto Coefficient within the NEAR Protocol. By increasing their stake, they contribute to the network’s resistance against potential malicious activities, thereby promoting decentralization and censorship resistance. In essence, the pursuit of a higher Nakamoto Coefficient by validators like Staking4All reinforces the overall strength and security of the NEAR Protocol, ensuring its continued reliability and trustworthiness in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

Why Top 100 is important

In the NEAR Protocol, validators play a crucial role in the consensus process by proposing blocks and chunks, contributing to the network’s stability and security. The top 100 validators in the protocol are distinguished by their ability to propose both blocks and chunks, showcasing their prominent position in the network hierarchy.

Validators within the top 100 have the privilege of regularly proposing both blocks and chunks, actively participating in the creation and validation of new transactions. This not only demonstrates their reliability but also reinforces their integral role in sustaining the integrity of the NEAR blockchain.

On the other hand, validators positioned outside the top 100 have a slightly different role. While they can propose chunks, their ability to propose blocks is contingent on having a sufficient stake to be elected for this role. This nuanced approach ensures that validators with substantial support from the network, as indicated by their stake, are entrusted with the responsibility of proposing entire blocks.

This dual-tiered structure encourages validators to actively engage with the network and compete for positions within the top 100, where they can contribute to both block and chunk proposals. It fosters a dynamic ecosystem where validators strive to enhance their stake, demonstrating their commitment to the protocol’s security and decentralization. Overall, this system promotes a balanced and inclusive environment, where validators of varying capacities contribute to the robustness and efficiency of the NEAR Protocol.

About Staking4All

Staking4All is a provider of non-custodial delegation services for Proof-of-Stake public blockchains. Our services allow cryptocurrency holders to engage in decentralized governance and earn interest on their cryptocurrencies. As an experienced staking service provider, we enable our community to earn rewards for participating in network security. Join us today and become a part of our community.

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