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Harmony One is investing in developers to build more solutions on Harmony One. They are going all out and have made $7 million 💸 available for developers to be able to code new and exciting projects. 🔧 Lets face it, to drive more utility on Harmony One the easiest way is to create great apps on their blockchain 😎

Learn more about the grants 👉🏻 here if you have something great to build on Harmony One blockchain ⛓

In short we are a proof of stake validator that provides validator services on several blockchains where hodlers can stake 🥩 on our validator nodes. Our team is made up of individuals that are community driven, run nodes and develop on some of our favorite blockchains.⛓ Harmony One is one of them. We started developing on Harmony One before open staking launched and began with some tools we believed the community would love ❤️

These are all the blockchains Staking4All provides validator services for, we run 20 nodes on Harmony One. If Harmony one had more than one blockchain or more seats open you could bet we would run more 😎

So lets talk about the wallet we are building for Harmony One. We focus a lot on security on our nodes and therefore prefer more offline wallets, so we decided to make a desktop wallet. Our aim is to make a desktop wallet where the screen is bigger, the wallet is secure and can be on a laptop. It will have everything you need that includes balances, send, receive, HRC20 token lists, transactions & delegating. We shared the vision with the Harmony One team and they agreed that the Harmony One community 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 would benefit from this and have awarded Staking4All a grant to build the desktop wallet.

You can see a lot more detail on the wallet and features we are building 👉🏻 here

Have a look at the below tweet with a sneak peak of our desktop wallet we started building already 👇🏻

Well, to put it short we joined Harmony One in the run up to the Open Staking and helped test on the Open Staking network. The community was open, the Harmony One team were approachable and made time to support us. In return we started developing some projects on their blockchain. This desktop wallet project is the fourth development project we are doing on the Harmony One chain.

Here are some links to our work on Harmony One

🤖 Tipping Bot 👉🏻 link

🤖 1Bet4All 👉🏻 link

🤖 Validator Monitoring Bot 👉🏻 link

If you weren’t in blockchain, what would you be doing instead?

Although we would love to be full time validators, we still have to have full time jobs. Each member in the team having one of those responsible jobs our parents told us every day we need while growing up 😉 But if we did not have the decentralized world of blockchain that all our team members uses to unplug from the corporate IT world we would definitely be living unhappy corporate lives with no exciting blockchain work to keep us busy in our free time.

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